This product has been retired on 18 January 2017.

It has been replaced with the ADVANSAFIX III SICT .


GROUP 1/2/3 9 kg - 36 kg (9 months - 12 years)
  • 9 kg - 36 kg

The ADVANSAFIX II SICT has been designed to provide a pioneering combination of safety features for older children. From extended 5-point harness protection until 25 kg, to advanced side impact technology and the SecureGuard (patent pending) for optimal lap belt positioning when restraining the child with the 3-point seat belt. Because as children grow, they don't get any less precious.


  1. Harness protection for longer – 5-point harness until 25 kg
  2. Optimal lap belt positioning - with our latest technology SecureGuard (patent pending) when using the 3-point seat belt
  3. Side impact protection - deep, softly padded side wings and SICT technology, removable to use only on the side closest to the door
  4. Ultimate installation for all ages - ISOFIT+ with V-Tether and 3-point seat belt
  5. Smooth comfort – multi-position recline for all ages
  6. Easy adjustment – height adjustable headrest, harness with one-handed adjustment
  7. Practicality in mind - quick-remove cover, no need to remove harness
ADVANSAFIX II SICT Feature image BR 2016



  • Indicators confirm the ISOFIX hooks are engaged
  • ISOFIT+ (direct connection to ISOFIX and V-Tether anchorage points) and 3-point seat belt

Installation indicators/guides

  • Indicators confirm the ISOFIX hooks are engaged
  • Indicator confirms the V-Tether has been correctly installed
  • Seat belt guides correctly position the 3-point seat belt over the child's shoulder and pelvis
  • The SecureGuard helps to ensure that the adult lap belt remains in the optimal position over the pelvic bones

Impact protection

  • Our soft, padded side wings act as a protective cocoon that helps to absorb the force from a side impact, reducing the risk of injuries to your child.
  • Pivot Link system to reduce forward movement
  • Performance chest pads to reduce forward movement
  • Flexible Side Impact Protection (SICT)


  • 9 - 25 kg, 5-point harness
  • 15 - 36 kg, 3-point seat belt and SecureGuard


  • Height-adjustable headrest and harness with easy one-handed adjustment
  • Multi-position recline

Direction of travel

  • Forward facing



  • Forward facing installation 9 kg - 36 kg


H x W x D

72 x 47 x 54 cm


11.2 kg

page safety SecureGuard


Our latest technology has been developed to provide enhanced safety for children that are restrained with the 3-point seat belt of the car. The SecureGuard helps to ensure that the adult lap belt remains in the optimal position over the pelvic bones, even when a child moves during the journey.